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Jason Dasaro, is a New Hampshire native, born and raised he developed a skill for art at an early age. He was obsessed with drawing, in school he would spend half the time after class in trouble for drawing funny interpretations of his teachers with rat faces with their butts exposed on the back of his worksheets, on desks, in desks, backpacks, clothes, notebooks, pretty much anywhere he could draw he was leaving his mark and would often get calls home to his parents for not paying attention and disrupting the class by making the other kids laugh with his artwork.

Blah Blah Blah.

Jason knew he had a creative side and would not be denied his love for art to be repressed as he could for-see his calling as a Tattoo Artist since his father would bring him into tattoo shops as a young kid and ask him “So do you think this is cool?, do you think you might want to do this for a job when you grow up?” Amazed at all the artwork on the walls and stacks of drawings in the artists booths, Jason thought to himself, “Hmmm.... I get to draw pictures and then tattoo them on people?, wait..., and get paid to do it? well im all in!, where do i sign up? From that point on he knew

he was destined to tattoo!

Fast forward a few years later... he meets the woman of his dreams and they take a trip down to Cocoa Beach Florida where he finally gets his big break and lands an apprenticeship and begins his tattoo career. Traveling up and down the coast to conventions and guest spotting at friends shops, 16 years later... he’s still at it, attending seminars, learning new techniques and styles and applying them to his craft.

“Tattooing is always evolving and if we decide to stop trying to learn new things then we’ll eventually reach a plateau, and if that happens, there just wont be anymore progression and things will just become stagnant. I feel i have so much more to learn and just want to be able to give something back to the industry that I've loved and devoted my life too, and in the end leave something behind worthwhile, I’ve yet to reach that pinnacle point in my career and feel i have so much more to give so you can expect more from me in the future, I’m just getting started!”

After years of tattooing he felt the time had finally come... and through his intuitions it was time for this manifestation to come to life, so he made a phone call to an old friend and thus... InkZilla! was born. InkZilla Is a Premier Tattoo Studio that specializes in unique one of a kind custom tattoos for cool people in a fun-loving chill atmosphere like no other!

Jason is inspired by life, nature, music and art, and in his free time enjoys: Dj-ing, food, being outdoors, swimming with his pups, riding motorcycles, gaming with friends, and most of all spending time with family. Jason also takes part in fundraisers and local charity events to help raise money for projects in our community!

Tattoo Consults: 

Consults are $25 and are done Virtually through Skype >> BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!

(deposits are non-refundable!)

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